Tine Salling has a wide appeal and rather great acclaim as a choreographer. Her dance background being primarily street styles, ads that raw touch to her contemporary approach to movement. Whether it’s pure street dance, fusion of modern, urban dance and parkour, line dancing or vikings partying you will sense Tine’s touch by not only displaying the dancing character’s narrative but also the narrative of each vernacular dance involved. And then the devotion, drive and humor that relates to both.


Humans relating to their own and other bodies almost always have an awkwardness to it. Tine diggs deep into vanity, self exposure, loneliness, fragility and physical lust in works like “Entre Nous” (Detour 2012) and “The Steadfast Tinder Soldier” (Columbus, Ohio 2014), and let’s the audience in on all the awkward moments where the body gets to speak louder than the mind.


Since the beginning of this millenium Tine has been performing and teaching street dance. She has performed with Grace Jones, Lucy Love, Swan Lee and many more. In Denmark she has been a first mover in the house dance movement and a pioneer for women in street dance with succesfull companies such as The Robodettes and Haus Fraus.


It has been her life long goal to prove that the urban dance background is just as solid as any classical schooling, and she has done so through her work by telling choreographed stories on stage, showcasing her work in contemporary dance festivals, by working as a contemporary dance lecturer in Ohio State University’s department of fine arts and by working as a choreographer in theatres such as Bellevue Teatret, Holbæk Teater, Folketeatret and The Royal Theatre. Recently Tine has also choreographed several presentation for Reebok and Adidas.